The theme park will open its gates from 10:00am on Sunday, 9th November with an impressive number of rides available including Nemesis, Air, Duel, Runaway Mine Train, Spinball Whizzer, Oblivion, Rita and, of course, Corkscrew.

Alton Towers have revealed that all riders of the classic double corkscrew rollercoaster will receive a special commemorative certificate on the day to mark the occasion.

In addition, the Corkscrew ride area will be opened up for groups of up to 20 at a time (access to the side of the Cred St. Skyride station) to allow for unique photographs!

Thunder Rock Rally Radio is also set for a change, as the park bring in tunes from the 80’s and special 80’s entertainment, of the style Alton Towers used to offer in its opening years.

There will also be a Hall of Memories in the Towers Suite, which is located above the Towers Street Restaurant. Alton Towers are throwing open the archives with literature, media and and photographs from Corkscrew’s early days. Access will be next to Towers St. Hot Dogs.

It’s set to be a momentous day, the end of an era for Alton Towers, but even more importantly, the start of something big for 2010!

If you are visiting, have a fantastic day!