As we head into the final month of the 2008 season, we at Towers Times felt like bringing you the latest rumours on what’s coming up – and what could be coming up – at the Alton Towers Resort. All of the information here has been collated from a variety of sources – so it’s here for you in one handy article.

Confirmed from the park for the 2009 season is a Skyride refurbishment and area re-theme (which is heavily rumoured to be Cred Street). Also confirmed is further entertainment, side shows and characters across the park. These will further consolidate the current programme to revitalize ageing parts of the theme park.

Ug Swinger is rumoured to be moving from Ug Land and re-themed into the new area for 2009. Having resided in the Ug Land/Festival Park area for over two decades, this would allow for the ride to be restored back to its former glory and operated at full speed!

Another rumour is the closure – and removal – of the iconic Corkscrew. The ride is heavily rumoured to be departing Alton Towers due to its age and rideability. This could take place as early as the end of this season. More news as we get it.

The changes that are possibly afoot for Ug Swinger and Corkscrew would then leave Ug Land effectively empty ready for a major 2010 development, touted to be a Dark Forest theme.

And, if all that wasn’t enough to be going on with, there’s now a firm suggestion that a small scale Sea Life aquarium will be making its way into Mutiny Bay for 2009.

So, to sum up:

Confirmed 2009
– Area re-theme (presumably Cred Street)
– Skyride refurbishment
– New shows and entertainment

Rumoured 2009
– Corkscrew closure
– Ug Swinger relocation/retheme
– Sea Life Aquarium (very likely)

Rumoured 2010
– Major multi-million pound investment

Keep your eyes peeled on Towers Times over the closed season as we enter some very exciting times – and keep asking yourself, will this closed season finally be the year that the Air Tunnel gets that TLC?