In just one month’s time the park is due to open its 2008 Scarefest event and already preparations are charging ahead at a pace.

As previously reported the corn for the Field of a Thousand Screams is now growing nicely ready for the maze’s second season, this year being joined by The Boiler House, a terrifying tour through the deepest depths of the hotel’s maintenance department.

Meanwhile over in the park the ruins of the Towers have been closed since the beginning of September as the mansion once again becomes home to Terror of the Towers. Behind the scenes preparations are also advanced with many of the scare actors now employed ready to chill the park’s guests and the new Scarefest map nearing completion.

With all these scares in the air, TowersTimes have released their Scarefest sections with all the latest information on the event. Keep your eyes peeled from your vantage point behind the sofa, because the page will receive updates all the way through from now until the end of the Scarefest.