Just days after TowersTimes reported that Alton Towers we being taken to court over noise issues, it has come to light that Mr & Mrs Roper have withdrwan the posecution.

The court case was due to begin at the North Staffordshire Magistrates’ Court on Monday. The solicitor for Mr & Mrs Roper had this to say;
“The reason for this is that Alton Towers has explained that the subsidiary company responsible for operating the park has changed as a result of a corporate reorganisation so it is no longer right to prosecute the company against whom the abatement order was made (Tussauds Theme Parks Limited).”

Divisional Director of Alton Towers, Russel Barnes, made this statement;
“Of course We are pleased that Mr and Mrs Roper have agreed to withdraw their complaint. We have always sought to be a responsible and co-operative neighbour.”

“We have made substantial changes to reduce our controllable noise sources, but there will always remain elements that we can not change, such as screaming; we are after all a theme park resort which encourages people of all ages to enjoy themselves. We always believed that this latest claim had no prospect of succeeding. It has been a very long, and no doubt very expensive, process for Mr and Mrs Roper with little or no benefit to anyone other than lawyers over the years.”