Haunted Attractions have revealed information from Alton Towers Resort regarding the Scarefest event which will run from 17th October – 2nd November 2008, with the park and majority of rides available right up until 9:00pm!

Child-friendly attractions will be focussed on the Cred Street area of the theme park. Trick or Treat doors will return after their 2007 debut, and are set to be bigger and better. The popular theatre show will be spooked-up to “the Haunting of Sir Algenon’s Attic”. Meanwhile across the park, the friendly character’s Patch, Phil, Skelvin and Franklin will be out and about greeting guests more than they did in 2007!

Crossing the age spectrum will be both Haunted Hollow: Live and Duel: Live. These year-round attractions will be receiving extra additions to add to the fright factor.

Over at the hotels, there’ll be Dance with the Devil in Alton Towers Hotel, Pirate Bill’s ghost hunt and a Voodoo themed party in Splash Landings!

Amongst all of this, you’d be forgiven for thinking that thrill seekers were out of the equation; but with legendary Halloween brands such as “Terror of the Towers”, they are not left out. Indeed, such was the feedback from 2007, the park are set to make Terror of the Towers even scarier in 2008. It could be the last time the “Bloodfeast” theme is used, so hopefully it’ll go out with a bang. Also for park guests, for a fee (as was the case in 2007), will be Field of 1000 Screams: The Aftermath. Following on from the horrific happenings down at Altonville Farm in 2007, the Zombie’s are likely to be set loose again – right up until late at night. There’ll also be the “Boiler House” – a new attraction set within the Alton Towers Hotel. With blood spraying from the radiators and people going missing, this could be one of the goriest attractions at the resort this Halloween. Both Field of 1000 Screams and the Boiler House are likely to be open from early evening until around 11pm.
Scarefest 2007 was a resounding success, both commercially and operationally for Alton Towers – and it is hoped that the 2008 event will develop it further!

Room 13 and Fright Lights will not be returning in 2008.