March 15th saw thousands of guests set sail to Alton Towers as they opened the whole park for the 2008 season, along with it brand new pirate area, Mutiny Bay. Mutiny Bay brings 2 brand new family attractions to Alton Towers, the most notable being Battle Galleons, a true pirate battle on water with riders and on-lookers at war using water. The second is Heave-Ho’, a great new addition for those future thrill seakers!

As well as Mutiny Bay, there have been many more changes throughout the theme park. The Cred Street Theatre has introduced a brand new show to the park, The Wonders of Sir Alganon’s Attic. The show is on at numerous points throughout the day, check out the electronic queue boards for exact timings.

A second show has also been introduced into the park, this time in the Courtyard Tavern in Mutiny Bay. The Pirates of Mutiny Bay is another highly entertaining show following the evil villain Draco Darkheart. The Pirates of Mutiny Bay is also shown at different times throughout the day, just keep an eye on the electronic queue boards for specific times.

Moving onto food changes. Burger King has moved onto the park in place of rival fast-food chain McDonald’s The 3 outlets are located in Forbidden Valley, Mutiny Bay and in Cred Street.

The Monorail will be recieving some refurbishment work throughout the next 2 seasons. Each train will be receiving a complete makeover, both inside and outside. Each train will be themed to either an area of the resort, or be given a ‘quirky’ design.