Nemesis has bagged 6th best steel coaster in the world according to the Mitch Hawker steel coaster poll which is completed by coaster enthusiasts across the world. In the previois poll in 2006, Nemesis was voted the worlds third best steel coaster, beaten only by Expedition GeForce, Holiday Park, Germany, and Superman Ride Of Steel, Six Flags New England.

However in the 2007 poll, the Alton Towers coaster had slipped back down to 6th place, loosing out to Eagles Fortress, Katun and Millennium Force. Nemesis is still one of the oldest steel coasters in the top 20, and it is still one of the rides that coaster enthusiasts from all over teh world want to come and ride.

Some other noteable placing for Alton Towers and other UK rides are;

38. Dragons Fury – Chessington
60. Nemesis Inferno – Thorpe Park
75. Stealth – Thorpe Park
80. Oblivion – Alton Towers
94. Air – Alton Towers
109. Colossus – Thorpe Park
117. Rita Queen Of Speed – Alton Towers

Here is a round up of the placings of the top 20 coasters in the 2007 poll;

1. Superman Ride of Steel – Six Flags New England, USA
2. Expedition GeForce – Holiday Park, Germany
3. Eagle’s Fortress – Everland – Korea
4. Millennium Force – Cedar Point, USA
5. Katun – Mirabilandia, Italy
6. Nemesis – Alton Towers, UK
7. Goliath – Six Flags Over Georgia, USA
8. Goliath – Walibi World, Netherlands
9. Nitro – Six Flags Great Adventure, USA
10. Maverick – Cedar Point, USA
11. SheiKra – Busch Gardens Africa – USA
12. Apollo’s Chariot – Busch Gardens Europe, USA
13. Griffon – Busch Gardens Europe, USA
14. Pyrenees – Parque Espana – Japan
15. Montu – Busch Gardens Africa, USA
16. Phantom’s Revenge – Kennywood, USA
17. Superman Ride Of Steel – Six Flags America, USA
18. Kumba – Busch Gardens Africa, USA
19. Dueling Dragons – Islands Of Adventure, USA
20. Dragon Kahn – Port Aventura, Spain