Reports are coming in this evening that Nemesis has had some technical issues today that mean the ride may be out of action for some of the half term event. In scenes reminiscent of the final Adrenalin Week of 2005, the coaster appears to have had some trouble with its lift hill which has brought the beast to a standstill. Oblivion was opened in replacement as an unscheduled start to the newer coaster’s tenth anniversary. Alton Towers is currently open until February 24th during the park’s Half Term Hullabaloo event. Entry for the event is £15 for adults and £12.50 for children (£13 and £7 when booked in advance) with only a limited number of rides open. The Current line-up for the event is:

The Blade
Duel – The Haunted House Strike Back
Haunted Hollow
Spinball Whizzer
The Beastie
Squirrel Nutty
Riverbank Eye-Spy
Berry Bish Bash
Doodle Doo Derby
Old MacDonald’s Tractor Ride
Old MacDonald’s Singing Barn
There’s Something in the Dung Heap

The park opens fully for the new season on March 15th, though there is no word yet as to whether the new area of the park Mutiny Bay will be available for the start of the season.