After the recent announcement that the Halloween event would return to the park after several years absence, more information has now come to light about the event, thanks to Haunted Attractions UK.

The event is to run from 13th October to 4th November and is promising to be a scarefest for the young and a fearfest for the fearless. The event is thought to be being organised by the same group responsible for 2006’s successful Room 13 maze at the hotels and among the attractions that are in the pipeline for the event are:

A Fearfest for the Fearless

As with previous Halloween events, the park will be decked out in suitable decorations for the event, possibly even featuring some of the big rides being re-themed especially. The central hub of the event will be Towers Street, which could also see a lakeside finally performed at the end of each day.

After many years absence, Terror of the Towers is set to return with a vengeance for 2007, expect the Towers to once again bask in the calming sound of blood curdling screams, as the park attempt to scare the bejesus out of their hapless visitors. There are also rumours of a second walkthrough maze located in the park for the event, though the location and name for this maze are yet to be released.

Not content with bring us the new Haunted Hollow attraction for 2007, the park plan to kick it up a notch for Halloween with The Haunted Hollow – Live, which will see extra effects added to the attraction as well as live actors to truly petrify the unwary.

A Scarefest for the Young
But it’s not only the older members of the family the park want to cater for this Halloween, they are also keen to provide an event for the kids as well, which could involve specially made children’s mazes and other interactive attractions, possibly similar to the story zones which have appeared in previous events.
Hair-Raising Scares in the Haunted Hotel!
And it’s not just the park which is set to receive a Halloween makeover. Over at the hotels, Room 13 is set to return for the second year in a row. The successful 2006 attraction will be totally redesigned to maximise it’s terror for hotel guests.Joining Room 13, there will be a second maze opening at the hotels, The Haunted Cornfield, will be a terror maze set outside the hotels in a specially planted 2 acre field of corn.

All in all it is looking like The Towers will be going all out for this years Halloween event, taking on the American approach to the festival. If even a fraction of these attractions emerge, it looks set to be a terrifying time of year for all involved!!