More information has come to light concerning the new attractions for 2007, including their new logos.

Haunted Hollow Logo

Haunted Hollow – Dare you take the short-cut through the haunted wood??

Fearless families visiting Alton Towers will be able to brave a visit to the Haunted Hollow, IF they dare to take the short-cut to Forbidden Valley. Located in an area of Alton Towers’ ancient and wild woodland, the sinister trail will take visitors on an eerie adventure rooted in the history of the Park and its original inhabitants, whose ancestors are buried within its grounds.

Those who dare to be scared can visit the long forgotten ancestral tombs which lie deep in the undergrowth. Gothic tombstones come to life, open vaults echo with the spine-tingling sound of cackling corpses, strange ghostly figures appear from nowhere, alongside headless statues and creaking carriages. Expect the unexpected; this walk is definitely not for the faint-hearted!

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Dungheap Logo

The Dung Heap –

For 2007, Alton Towers is going ‘Dung-Ho’ with the opening of an adventure playground for younger children themed around the peculiarly British, and eternally fascinating, topic of ‘dung’.

‘There’s something in the Dung Heap’ features everything you’d expect from a ‘dung’ experience and more. Interactive play areas include a Spider ‘Springy Cobweb Climbing zone’, a ‘Creepy Crawly Basharound’, Toxic Bog ‘Toadstool Boingupons’ and a Mushroom maze! Kids can also join in the Bug Chorus in the Soil Albug Hall, zip along on a silken zip wire, spring across a bog and even become a conductor in the trash can symphony, while parents watch from the trunk of a beanstalk.

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Extraordinary Golf

The sport of golf takes on a new direction at Alton Towers for 2007. Forget crazy golf, urban golf and even guerrilla golf, the next big thing is Extraordinary Golf, which offers the putter a miniature 18-hole golf course heavily customised and themed around the park’s signature rides and attractions. Players of all ages will be able to putt their way into Oblivion, through waterfalls, over Nemesis and around the roundabouts of the Peugeot 207 Driving School! Note: Extraordinary Golf will open at Alton Towers Resort in April 2007, with a separate entry charge applying.