Proving itself a worthy foe for even the most modern of rollercoasters, Nemesis looks to be moving up in the world according to the Mitch Hawker Steel Roller Coaster Poll, the results of which came out recently.

Nemesis has moved up one place from last year and is now, according to this respected annual poll, the third best steel coaster in the world, as well as being the best inverted coaster and B&M’s best ride. Even more impressive is that at 13 years old the ride is also the oldest coaster inside the top 20, proving that the old girl can still hold its own despite the increasingly competitive and advanced market.

And Nemesis was not Alton Tower’s only appearance in the top 100, with Oblivion at number 73 and Air at number 75. Surprisingly, Alton Tower’s latest coaster, Rita – Queen of Speed, only managed to make it to 105 in the list, more than 100 places behind its older counterpart.