(Due to server problems in 2006, TowersTimes lost many of it’s news articles from October-December 2005, we have recovered the lead paragraphs for these articles, but apologise for not being able to provide the articles themselves.)

  • Alton Towers were successful in securing 3 nights of Fireworks this season, despite continued legal battles from a local couple who said that the event disrupted their peace.
  • The 2005 season at Alton Towers came to a show-stopping end this weekend, with three nights of Fireworks Spectaculars.
    But fear not for those who can’t cope for 5 months without the Towers.
  • After a technical problem forced the ride to close midway through Sunday, Nemesis has been removed from the list of rides available for Adrenaline Week at the Towers.
  • After a week of downtime Nemesis reopened today having had its Programmable Logic Controller replaced. It will therefore be available for the last day of Adrenaline week as well as the November Winter Weekends.
  • Now Adrenaline Week has drawn to a close the park has truly entered its closed season, but that doesn’t mean the park won’t still be a hive of activity.
  • After 10 years of hard work, Oblivion shall be having its lift hill chain replaced.
    It will be having its new chain installed during the closed season and just like Rita’s drum replacement it shall be a lengthy process.
  • It’s finally here! The first DVD to tell the story of Alton Towers and is released on December 5th, just in time for that perfect Christmas present!
  • Think Easter? Think Alton Towers! That’s what the latest Marketing brain child is from Alton Towers, an event attracting guests numbers on a similar scale to Fireworks nights!