Alton Towers are currently in the middle of a legal battle with a member of the local community. This one person who lives near to Alton Towers is trying to bring action against Alton Towers to reduce the 5 annual fireworks nights at the park to just one single event and to reduce the noise the park emits from such rides as Oblivion. The park has been given the following time scale to reduce noise:

+ From 1st April 2005 reduction of noise from tannoy systems, microphones and park music systems.

+ From 1st July 2005 reduction of mechanical noise coming from Oblivion.

+ A restriction to a single night of fireworks with reduced noise levels from individual shells (max 95dB).

+ From 31st May 2006, in addition to all the above, a reduction in the mechanical noise from all rides, as well as reduce the sounds of screaming, whooping and other noises from guests generally enjoying themselves!

The levels of noise stated as appropriate by Mr and Mrs Roper are extremely unrealistic and are so low that quiet conversation is in fact louder.

On Wednesday 12th January the local community held a meeting in the village hall to discuss how to support the theme park. We attended the meeting to support the local community and have offered to help in anyway we can. Log onto our forums for more information of how you can help.

We at TowersTimes strongly support the continuation of the Alton Towers fireworks and operation of rides such as Oblivion, not only for our own enjoyment but more importantly to maintain the current lives of the local community who would be severely effected by a court judgement against the theme park.

The local businesses, bed and breakfasts, bars, hotels and shops all depend on the tourism brought in by the theme park. No doubt this tourism would still exist if the fireworks were cancelled and Oblivion was shut down in the short term- but we must look at the long-term investment by the Tussauds group. With several other attractions in the UK the group could easily decide to reduce investment at the park and build up other theme parks such as Thorpe Park. This would have a devastating effect on the local community whose lives depend on the current seasonal tourism the park brings to the area.

The amount of people who this effects is outstanding – so why should one person in the community bring this kind of action against the park and be so selfish about not thinking of the knock on effect? This battle is for the lives and community of many thousands who could be effected by this court case.