Recently Alton Towers has been involved in a large court case regarding noise levels in the park. This page aims to chart the case in a retrospective manner.

Stephen and Suzanne Roper live in the village of Farley, approximately 100 yards away from the park, yet find that noise levels at their home are too intrusive. Their main complaint is simply that noise of screams and rollercoasters roaring is in breach of the 1990 Environmental Protection Act. They also claimed that the ground and the windows of their home shake during firework displays and corporate events.

Alton Towers, in their defence, said that they had put considerable measures into place to reduce noise pollution around the park. In addition, they drew upon the fact that the Firework Displays drew considerable income to the area, and indeed even to businesses such as the one Mr Roper himself owns.

The ropers won the court case, meaning that Alton Towers would have to wait for the details of a “Noise Abatement Order” which would detail exactly what the park would have to do in order to get back into line.

The ropers then launched a further court case, trying to ban the Firework and Laser Spectacular events. At one point, Alton Towers even offered £200 per night when the displays were on, so that they could go out for a meal and avoid the displays. However, the couple declined the offer and lost the case. The judge ruled that such a ban would cause significant loss for local businesses and Tussauds Group themselves, whom, by this time were already a long way into organising the events. The Firework and Laser Spectacular events could, however, be limited by the Noise Abatement Order when it comes into force in November.

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