This year’s fireworks and Halloween celebrations will be taking place in October and November. Be sure to visit for the Halloween festivity which includes ‘The Terror of the Towers Bloodfest Banquet’ which is to be chilling attraction and not for the faint hearted. A new show will takeover the Webmaster’s ice rink as ‘The Halloween Circus on Ice’ takes place, while still spooky this attraction is more suited for the whole family! If being spooked isn’t quite your thing the Fireworks and Laser Spectacular will be taking place from late October to the beginning of November this striking show will tell the story of how mad scientist tries to drive out the Spooks from the park! The towers show is renowned for being one of the best fireworks shows in the UK!

Press Release:

“Welcome to the Terror of the Towers Bloodfest Banquet…
You are cordially invited to a festive feast to celebrate Halloween. The Master of the Towers is always delighted to make room at his table for a few more guests … especially when they form the main course!

Met by a bloodied Butler, guests will be escorted by numerous maids and house servants through a series of rooms, where they will see staff preparing for the grand occasion itself. However, all is not as it appears..…the staff are constantly assessing the potential juiciness of guests; a creepy chef lurks in the darkness with a meat cleaver, the dinner table resembles a charnel house, and the only diner is the Master, who sits gorging on the butchered remains of the other diners! As guests frantically try to escape, they stumble into a ghastly giant freezer room hanging with body bags, and the only exit is at the other end of a tortuous maze, peopled by freaky house staff!. Finally there is a door, beyond which lies …….the unknown?!

This gruesome and grisly attraction is suitable only for those with nerves of steel, strong stomachs and a good sense of humour!

 Roll up, roll up for the Spookiest Show on Earth!! 

A circus with a difference, but one that’s guaranteed to delight and enthral the whole family! When they were alive these entertainers were the best in their fields. Bits may be falling off them now, but they are still so keen to please a crowd that they have come back to their old haunt to put on a special Halloween show. The Ringmaster is there as usual to direct the fun and there will be lots of specialty acts and illusions, all performed with amazing skill on the ice.

The Halloween Circus on Ice and Terror of the Towers Bloodfest Banquet run from Saturday 18th October until Sunday 2nd November. (Dinner times and show times vary and will be displayed on the Park).

Fireworks and Laser Spectacular : 25th, 26th, 31st October and 1st, 2nd November.
Don’t think you can escape the ghouls by watching the fireworks! Some of the old inhabitants of the Towers ruins are on the rampage again and feature in the storyline that runs through the fantastic fireworks and laser spectacular that marks the end of the Park’s season. Be prepared for explosions, electrifying laser shows and dazzling showers of fireworks as the proverbial mad scientist tries to exorcise the Park and rid it of the Spooks! It never works! Catch the fireworks finale after riding some of the most thrilling rollercoasters in the dark.”