2004 will see the addition of a brand new family roller coaster in Adventureland, located next to the corporate hospitality marquee. The ride will be named “Spinball Whizzer” and is being manufactured by the German company Maurer, it will be a custom designed spinning coaster.
The ride is expected to follow the specially developed ‘Xtended SC 2000’ design which features four-person cars, two seats across with 2 rows back to back, which will spin guests around depending on the weight and the number of people. This design features a standard lift hill rather than the vertical lift of the ‘Xtended SC 3000’ design. Passengers will have no idea when or in which direction they will spin, as they pass through drops and high banked turns. So every ride will be a unique experience.

The ride will be themed around being part of a giant pinball machine. All the cars will be finished in metallic silver. The staff news letter states construction of the ride will begin in early July.

Ride Facts:

> Manufactured by: Maurer
> 8 Cars
> 4 people per car; 2 facing front and 2 back.
> 470m track length
> 56ft height

More news of this attraction coming soon…