The New Cariba creek water park and Splash Landings Hotel, opened its doors to the public on the 1st June 2003, unfortunately things are behind schedule which has caused upset to most of the resort guests. Alton Towers has warned guests, the water park isn’t finished. Which when looking around is an understatement. Alton Towers have now temporarily closed the attraction, admitting it wasn’t ready for visitors.

Well it may have been in the pipeline for several years, hundreds of hours may have been spent planning the opening of what is dubbed as ‘Europe’s first water park hotel’, but the planners still can’t get it open on time! Alton Towers Splash Landings, with joining Cariba Creek water park opened on June 1st, but not everything has gone to plan, Alton Towers blames bad weather for the project failing to be complete for the opening day. Hundreds of guests who have pre-booked a stay in the new hotel turned up on opening day to find the place looking more like a building site than a multi-million pound hotel. Piles of mud, incomplete water slides, un-tiled swimming pools and the presence of workmen were among the many complaints from the guests who forked out over £200 a night. Alton Towers has offered all Splash Landings guests compensation and apologise for the incomplete state of the hotel. Workmen are now working to complete the hotel ready for the re-opening sometime this month. It’s not the first time Alton Towers have slipped up on not meeting deadlines, Air the new £12million flying roller coaster was not completely ready for its opening last season, experiencing technical problems throughout the season. Despite the incomplete state of the water park, it was said that visitors had liked the attractions which were complete, after a disappointing opening it is hoped that Alton Towers will complete the attraction as soon as possible and the hotel will boost the parks’ image as a holiday resort.