For Halloween 2002, Alton Towers will transform from theme park to scream park with a fright-factor not seen in the UK before. The parks awesome Gothic ruins will house a gruesome feast of fear in the form of a walk-through maze.

The spooky attraction is to have an age restriction of over 12 year olds only, that shows how scary it really will be. Terror of the Towers takes place in the cold, damp and reputedly real-life haunted Towers. Visitors will be led on foot along a terrifying trail in the depths of the building, where eerie sounds will pervade the darkness, things of the night will howl, the bells will toll and spirits will return from beyond the grave.

The Terror of the Towers is being staged by top scare master, Lynton V Harris of Horrorwood Studios, USA. A team of professional ‘scare-masters’ tasked with coming up with ghoulish ways to scare, startle and severely terrify visitors. They have one mission : to scare!