In 1997, Alton Towers opened Outta Control in conjunction with the TV channel, Nickelodeon. After just two season in operation Nickelodeon Outta Control closed, and while the exact reason for this is still unknown it is usually attributed to the ride’s excessively low throughput.

Whatever the reason for it’s closure, Alton Towers did not replace Outta Control, opting instead to place the Frog Hopper in front of the attraction. This has meant that Outta Control has remained relatively in tact since its closure. In 2005, just over 6 years after its closure, TowersTimes was given a rare glimpse inside the now defunct attraction.

Many thanks to A.J. and Altonator for providing the pictures for this article.

Nickelodeon: Outta Control, 1997-1998

SBNO, 1999-2004

Nickelodeon: Outta Control, 2005