Construction of the Stargazing Pods began shortly after the plans were approved by Staffordshire Moorlands District Council in July 2018, with the development completed for their April 2019 opening.

The first foundations have already been laid for some of the proposed pods, with rectangular hardcore bases installed ready to have a final layer of concrete poured on top. Trenches have also been dug to enable the installation of the electrical cabling. Rectangular holes have been excavated on the raised area of the green waiting to be filled with concrete to form more foundations. Around the boundaries of the construction site a large fence is in the process of being installed.

Groundwork for the pods and associated building has been progressing steadily as the foundations are laid for more of the pods. Work is also underway on the foundations for the facilities building. A large trench has been dug to the southern end of the site, with a smaller off-shoot trench also dug on the eastern end of the site. In the materials storage area, the transformer boxes for the electricity supply have been delivered. The construction fences surrounding the site have now been decorated with artwork advertising the new Stargazing Pods.