Scarefest 2019 got underway at Alton Towers Resort this weekend, with the theme park laying on a whole host of spooks, frights and thrills. TowersTimes was invited to the Resort to experience all that Scarefest 2019 has to offer, as well as unrivalled access inside the scare mazes.

Warning: The article below contains some spoilers for Alton Towers Resort’s scare mazes.

This year’s event has seen the introduction of two new scare mazes to the line-up. The first of these is The Attic: Terror of the Towers which marks a welcome return of the Terror of the Towers universe to the Resort. Located within the Towers Ruins, The Attic takes guests up into the uppermost levels of the ruins to discover the story of the Governess who is said to want to avenge the deaths of her charges by taking the spirits of the living. The Attic is an incredibly well crafted maze, with a high level of attention to detail throughout the attraction, from the queue line which features various items from within the house, the well-done introductory scene which establishes the story of the maze, to the well-designed sets in the interior which help create a high level of immersion. This feeling of immersion is further enhanced with the maze being set on the third floor of the Towers, meaning guests climb several flights of stairs to access the main section of the maze, something which creates the feeling that you are genuinely climbing up to The Governess’ attic. Inside, the maze creates a suitably creepy atmosphere, with the actors giving strong, well thought out performances. All of this contributes to what is another high quality and theatrical addition to the scare maze line up.