With the 2018 season now fully underway following a snowy opening weekend, last weekend provided the first chance for many to return to Alton Towers Resort for the first time in 2018. With the official opening of Wicker Man, TLC to Duel, and a host of other changes around the park there was plenty to take a look at. TowersTimes has rounded up all the developments for the start of the new theme park season.

Wicker Man
Having had its original opening weekend snowed off, Wicker Man officially opened to the public with The Beornen performing the opening ceremony for the Resort’s newest Secret Weapon. Many guests ran to the ride in anticipation of being one of the first to ride that day (the ride having previously soft opened during the week) and it wasn’t long before a three hour queue had formed for the wooden rollercoaster. However, it would unfortunately prove not to be the smooth official opening day the Resort had hoped for with the ride experiencing several technical difficulties throughout the day, which at one point led to the whole queue line having to be evacuated. Credit has to be given to the Resort for getting the ride back open later in the day, even though it had to operate on reduced capacity with one of the 3 trains running empty, and four rows of the other two trains not being filled. Despite the operational difficulties, guests who had experienced the ride gave it overwhelmingly positive feedback, with many commenting on the overall theming of the ride, and how much they enjoyed the overall experience.