Alton Towers Resort have today submitted plans to refresh the Courtyard area of Mutiny Bay which, if given the go ahead, will see a new food and beverage offering in the area to compliment the opening of SW8 which is due to open next season.

In the plans submitted to Staffordshire Moorlands District Council, it is proposed to remove the existing servery, which previously functioned as the Courtyard Barbeque up until its closure at the end of the 2015 season. Instead, a new servery will be created to the rear of what is currently the Courtyard Tavern, adjacent to the existing kitchen area. In order to create what is described as ‘new duel access’, the Resort will reinstate a currently bricked up opening. This will mean that guests can still access the bar area of the Tavern from both sides of the building, whilst the new food and beverage unit will only have access from the Courtyard side.

In the Courtyard area itself, the central canopy is set to be replaced with a new canopy in the same design. The area covered by the canopy will also be surrounded by a new glass railing system enclosing the area and giving it some extra protection from the elements. As well as the former Courtyard Barbeque servery being removed, the plans also indicate the removal of the smaller canopy as well as the stripping out of the stage which used to be home to The Pirates of Mutiny Bay suggesting that their swashbuckling adventures may finally be at an end.

The proposals also detail a number of improvements to the fabric of the main building itself. All of the existing modern doors will be replaced with timber vertically boarded doors; a number of windows will be repaired or replaced; whilst several areas of brickwork will be repaired using salvaged brick to match the existing structure.

Although the plans do not state exactly what the new food and beverage offering will be, several of the documents refer to the development as a ‘Smokehouse Restaurant’ suggesting that the Resort may be planning to offer something similar to the Smokehouse at Chessington World of Adventures Resort.

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