Splash Landings Hotel threw open its doors for the first time in 2017 this weekend, as Alton Towers Resort’s tropical themed hotel re-opened following its closure during the first part of the year. We take a look at some of the changes.

As you approach the Hotel and enter into reception, much of the area has received a complete refresh with re-paints for the external theming feature, and much of the main hotel reception giving the area a clean and bright feel. However, it would appear that the main hotel entrance sign has not received any attention with only the waterpark element of the sign being reinstated after its temporary relocation to the Conference Centre entrance. To the left hand side as you walk in, new ‘Express Check In’ machines have been installed which will help alleviate some of the long check in queues which can build up at peak times.

Ma Garritas’ Bar has also received a refresh and repaint throughout, with the former Paradise Cove Pizzeria area now having been reverted to general seating for the bar.

The hotel restaurant has received a re-name to Flambo’s Jambo (formerly Flambo’s Exotic Feast), and also has a new menu, although it still remains an all you can eat buffet style restaurant.

Other areas throughout the hotel have also received refreshes with stairways, the Coffee Shack, and first floor seating area all receiving attention.