With just under six months to go until the grand opening, work is progressing steadily on the CBeebies Land Hotel at Alton Towers Resort. We take a look at all the progress since our last visit in December 2016.

On the side of the development nearest the Enchanted Village work has been progressing on adding the main structure and insulation to the upper levels whilst on the lower levels the metal skeleton of the building can still be seen which will form the basis for the main entrance structure.

Work has been continuing on the interior of the building with several more dividing walls having now been installed giving us an emerging view of the interior layout of the ground floor of the building, including what would appear to be the openings for the Hotel’s lifts.

The bank of earth between the Tree Houses and what will eventually be the car park for the new hotel has been further built up and landscaped providing a barrier between the Enchanted Village and CBeebies Land Hotel. Although this bank will provide a sound barrier, it will have an impact on the view from the Tree House nearest the new accommodation with guests now looking out over the earth mound, car park, and hotel entrance instead of the grass fields.

Over on the side facing the Alton Towers Hotel, the red brick cladding has now been installed on the ground and first floors with piles of bricks placed along the scaffolding ready to be added to the second floor. The roof is nearing completion on the first half of the building with the tiles having now been installed. The second half of the roof will be added once the rest of the exterior walls have been added with the prefabricated stud walls for the uppermost floor in place ready for the brickwork to be added.

Where the Alton Towers Spa conservatory used to be concrete slabs have now been installed and the former doorways and windows have now been blocked up. Along the wooden walls separating the Hotel Gardens from the construction site a number of posters have been added advertising the new hotel.

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