Alton Towers Resort have today announced the rides and attractions line-up for the 2017 theme park season and confirmed that Hex: The Legend of the Towers will be returning following its closure for the 2016 season.

After being closed as part of the Towers Loving Care programme, a decision which disappointed many guests, Hex: The Legend of the Towers will re-open with the rest of the theme park when it re-opens for 2017 on 25th March. Also confirmed to be re-opening after a year long hiatus will be Driving School. At this stage it is not known precisely what changes will have been made to the attractions Alton Towers Resort have stated that they will reveal further details of the refurbishments in coming weeks.

Whilst two attractions will be re-opening, the 2017 season will see the closure of Twirling Toadstool with the ride expected to undergo a refurbishment under the Towers Loving Care programme. At this stage it is not known if this closure will be for the full 2017 season, or if the ride will re-open later in the year. Nemesis Sub-Terra is also set to remain closed, although it is thought that its ongoing standing but not operating (SBNO) status is unrelated to the Towers Loving Care scheme and there is no indication if we will see the attraction re-open in the near future.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the line-up announcement is the total removal of three attractions from the Resort’s website. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: The Ride; Wobble World; and Ice Age: The 4D Experience are all no longer listed which would seem to suggest that these attractions are now permanently closed. Whilst the permanent closure of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: The Ride and Wobble World may not be a surprise to many with Wobble World’s building having been used for The House of Monsters during Scarefest 2016 and the licence agreement for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory having come to an end, the closure of Ice Age: The 4D Experience is an unexpected one, especially with the Resort having given the attraction some minor TLC just last year.

These latest announcements from the Resort follow on from the unveiling of two new attractions for CBeebies Land at the end of last week.

What are your thoughts on the latest ride line-up from Alton Towers Resort? Are you glad to see the return of Hex: The Legend of the Towers? Have your say over on the TowersTimes and SouthParks Forum. As the new season draws ever nearer we’ll continue to bring you all the latest news and developments. Alton Towers Resort from another point of view!

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