Th13teen Preview Weekend: Statement

/Th13teen Preview Weekend: Statement

Th13teen Preview Weekend: Statement

2014-01-19T17:59:37+00:00March 5th, 2010|

The following statement was issued on behalf of Alton Towers and received by TowersTimes earlier today from Morwenna Angove, Alton Towers Resort:

“We took the decision to run the Preview Weekend, the first of its kind
for the Resort, some months ago recognizing that some of you would
welcome the opportunity to experience the TH13TEEN, have a
behind-the-scenes tour and learn about how the ride was conceived and
marketed. An event of this nature takes a huge amount of organisation
and planning particularly as we wanted to make it as special and as
unique as the ride itself. As those of you who have received the email
are aware, TH13TEEN is an incredibly sophisticated ride and we have
experienced some minor technical difficulties during testing. What we
have also experienced is some incredibly bad weather over the first few
weeks of the year meaning that an enormous amount of work still has to
be completed in the TH13TEEN ride area as well as Ug Land which is being
rethemed which is why we cannot allow access to the ride area, Ug Land
or indeed Rita.

I understand your disappointment and frustration at the weekend being
cancelled but we have made this incredibly difficult decision because we
could not guarantee the access and the experience that you would expect
from Alton Towers Resort. I also understand some of you are rightly
annoyed at the short notice which has come about because I had hoped
that we would be able to show you some elements if not all – it has
become clear over the last 24 hours that this would not be possible.

Once again, please accept my apologies for the cancellation which is
totally unavoidable as I now hope you will appreciate. We will be back
in touch with those of you who had a reservation for the weekend
regarding ‘An evening with John Wardley and TH13TEEN’ soon”.

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