Selected 2010 Ticket Prices Published

/Selected 2010 Ticket Prices Published

Selected 2010 Ticket Prices Published

2014-01-19T20:00:14+00:00November 15th, 2009|
With rising ticket prices up to twice per year now the norm for visitors to Alton Towers Theme Park, are already offering ticket prices for admission during the 2010 season.Based on information from, the gate prices for basic tickets in 2010 will be as follows (last years prices shown in brackets):

Adult 1 day: £38.00 (4/09: £36.00, 8/09: £37.00)
Adult 2 day: £47.00 (4/09: £45.00, 8/09: £46.00)

Child 1 day: £29.00 (4/09: £27.00, 8/09: £28.00)
Child 2 day: £34.00

Tickets appear to be rising by around £1.00 and the price of a “Towers2” ticket, that is a 2-day add on for your park ticket, is remaining roughly the same. The full range of tickets will be released closer to the new season – including Annual Passes, Senior Citizen and Family tickets.