Long Term Plan Consultation ends

/Long Term Plan Consultation ends

Long Term Plan Consultation ends

2017-02-26T15:48:13+00:00June 29th, 2009|

Alton Towers will soon submit a long term plan to the local authorities after a consultation event was held for the public to see the “vision” for the resort over the next decade. Some of the things we are likely to see are as follows, but it must be stressed that NOTHING (apart from the new rollercoaster in 2010) is yet set in stone.

– Relocation of Spinball Whizzer
– Landscaped car parking
– Extension of the theme park beyond Air, to include a new entrance and entertainments complex
– Several new medium to large rides/attractions, of which three could be rollercoasters
– Limited theme park operations in Winter
– Increased focus on entertainments
– Re-themes and Refreshes in several areas in the park
– New accommodation: hotels AND lower budget is being looked at
– Further investment in the heritage of the site
– Woodland management

The consultation did not provide specific details on which rides are likely to be replaced (i.e. no mention of Black Hole site) but a map highlighted likely areas for development.

We hope to bring you more news soon.