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Found at the entrance to Cloud Cuckoo Land is the largest fungi that you could lay eyes on, which stands ready to take guests on a journey to dizzying new heights!

Twirling Toadstool is currently closed as part of the Resort’s Towers Loving Care programme. It is unknown when the attraction will reopen.


Min. Rider Height: 1.2m
Max. Rider Height: None
Ride Photography: No
Fastrack: No

Tech Specs

Manufacturer: Zierer
Ride Type: Wave Swinger
Opened: 31st March 1984
Rethemed: 1999 / 28th March 2009
Power: 115kW
Diameter: 75m
Weight: 22 tonnes
Number of Seats: 48
Capacity: 1000 riders per hour
Duration: 2 mins 00 secs

A traditional fairground attraction with a twist, the Twirling Toadstool gives a fresh look to one of the oldest rides at Alton Towers, whilst giving rides a view over Cloud Cuckoo Land, as they take to their seats to swing high, suspended by only four chains. So, despite its location, this ride provides plenty of family thrills for guests of all ages!

Whilst standing in the queue, the ride swings high above, dipping down then flying back towards the sky. When it’s time to board, guests climb up the steps to the platform and select their seat, clipping the lap bar in place once settled.

The ride begins by lifting guests high above the ground, with the toadstool simultaneously growing in height and beginning to rotate. Once up to speed, the head of the toadstool will also tilt whilst rotating adding to the fun and sensations that guests experience.

After a couple of minutes the ride cycle comes to an end and guests are lowered back down so that they can safely disembark from the platform.

This ride has had various guises before its current title of Twirling Toadstool in Cloud Cuckoo Land. When the ride first opened in 1984, it was the Wave Swinger in Festival Park. That was until 1999 when the area became Ug Land, so the ride was accordingly rethemed and renamed, becoming known as Ug Swinger and remaining in Ug Land when Rita – Queen of Speed arrived in 2005, though moving position to accommodate the new rollercoaster.

However, for the 2009 season the ride moved to the newly created Cloud Cuckoo Land, taking on its most recent form.

Twirling Toadstool remained closed for the duration of the 2017 season as part of the Resort’s Towers Loving Care programme.