The West Course serves as a reminder of rides and areas past and present, as you can plummet your ball into Oblivion or take a trip around Old Macdonald’s Farm.

1. Katanga Canyon

Putt your way around this old mining village, home to the rickety Runaway Mine Train and the torrents of the Congo River Rapids.

2. River Rapids

As you make your way through the Congo River Rapids torrents, watch out for the bumpers that will throw you off course!

3. X Sector

Over on the golf course, The Ministry of Joy yet to reveal themselves as the mysterious organisation behind X Sector and its devices.

4. Oblivion

For some holes there is no rational explanation… Don’t look down and putt your ball into Oblivion, but will you get it back?

5. Chicken Run

Take an egg-citing trip down to Old Macdonald’s Farm, as you attempt to hit a hole in one in the middle of his Chicken Run.

6. Windmill

This wouldn’t be extraordinary golf without a windmill, so time your stroke right in order to make it through Old Macdonald’s windmill.

7. Rita

This is the fastest hole on the entire course! Are you able to hit a hole in one as you accelerate from 0-61.1mph in 2.5 seconds?

8. Ug Land

The golf course’s Ug Land has managed to escape the Dark Forest, all you have to worry about are hatching dinosaur eggs.

9. Duel

Mind the gravestones as you try to sink your ball, you don’t want to raise the dead when you’re armed with a golf club, not a blaster!