Whilst the East Course is home to Nemesis, one of the resort’s most intense rides, you’ll also hit your ball around some of the more family-friendly attractions such as Driving School.

10. Nemesis

It’s Fright Time! Can you make it through the chains capturing the Nemesis monster, on the most intense hole of the course?

11. Nemesis Monster

It’s just as hard to score a par as you go underneath the monster whose predecessor has been thrilling guests since 1994.

12. Ripsaw

Can you ‘putt’ it? Navigate a piece of shrapnel thrown out all the way from Forbidden Valley – certainly quite a distance!

13. Galactica

There’s nothing virtual about this one, so get ready to journey beyond when you tackle this hole themed around the world first coaster.

14. Hex

A fallen branch from the Chained Oak is blocking your way, so you’ll need to putt your ball through it to reach the hole.

15. Squirrel Nutty

Squirrel Nutty must have got slightly confused when burying his acorns, as he’s left them lying on the golf course in your way.

16. The Flume

Aim your golf ball down the plughole to be washed along The Flume, before you can reach the finish on this very wet hole.

17. Tea Cups

Golfers can still enjoy the classic Tea Cups as they putt their way past giant sugar-cubes and an oversized spoon to reach the hole.

18. Driving School

You’ll have to travel down a busy road, around a roundabout and through the car-wash, to reach the final hole of the course.