Located within the woody glade neighbouring the grand entrance of the Towers ruins, the Talbot Centre was the area where Alton Towers’ growth into the theme park it is today began.

Fact File

  • Opening Year: 1980
  • Closing Year: 1983



  • Towers Express

Food & Drink

  • Talbot Restaurant

Up until 1980 the main attraction of the area was the park’s Adventureland Playground, which operated alongside the park’s Wildlife Museum and the Rupert Bear Magic Show.

It was in the Talbot Centre that in 1980 the future of the park was changed forever with the addition of the iconic Corkscrew rollercoaster, starting the park on its way to becoming the theme park we know today.

In 1983 the area received its second rollercoaster in the form of the Mini Dragon Coaster, which would one day become The Beastie.

Along with all the other Centres in the park, the area was renamed in 1984 becoming known as Festival Park and as part of Project Octoberfest became the park’s original thrill area.