The Adventureland Playground was constructed in the mid 1970s and located in the Talbot Centre (now Dark Forest). Despite the name, it never resided in either Adventureland 4-11 or the modern Adventure Land.

Fact File

  • Location: Talbot Centre / Fantasy World
  • Opening Year: Mid 1970s
  • Closing Year: 1993

Until the Towers became an Amusement Park in 1980, the playground had been one of the park’s premier attractions and featured heavily in the 1970s guides. However, once the park started to develop, the large area taken up by the playground meant it relocated in 1984 to make way for the thrill rides of Festival Park.

For the remainder of its time in the park it resided in Fantasy World, joining the rest of the area’s play equipment. With a large influx of other play equipment into the park (namely Kiddies Kingdom and Children’s World) the Adventureland Playground started to look increasingly dated and was finally removed from the park in 1993.