Back in 2000 and 2001, the Alton Towers Halloween Spooktacular was still in its infancy with the main attraction being the Spooktacular on Ice down in Spookybook Land.

Key Information

Dates: 14th-20th, 23rd-26th October
Opening Times: 10am – 8pm

2000 saw a big change in the way Halloween was done at Alton Towers. Previous years had seen an outdoor show taking place in Fountain Square as the main part of the event. For 2000 though the event moved to Storybook Land with a new Spooktacular ice show in the park’s big top.

Damien D’eville was your dashing host for his annual Halloween Ball. A multitude of guests are invited to join him, but for three witches this means the ultimate task of conjuring up a date to go with. This was the biggest show the park had produced in house and included a specially trained stunt horse as well as a custom built Harely-Davidson stunt.

Key Information

Dates: 13th-19th, 22nd-25th October
Opening Times: 10am – 7pm

As has since become tradition, Towers Street was dressed up for the occasion with a variety of Frightful characters roaming about to give guests a chill. Another tradition which survives from this early Halloween event is night time opening for rides, with Forbidden Valley, Gloomy Wood, X Sector and Ug Land all open until 7pm for the event.

The Spooktacular Ice Show invited guests to a decrepit and decaying hotel which was seeking new guests to regain its five star status. Booking however were only recommend if you don’t mind your hosts being a Munster-esqe family, who peculiarities have already scared off many a potential guest!