Scarefest returned in 2015 with an all-new line-up of attractions, with the addition of Sub Species: The End Games and The Haunting of Molly Crowe, two new horror mazes, as well as two revamped scare zones in Dark Forest and Forbidden Valley; Nox Infernus and Dark Apocalypse respectively. Although Terror of the Towers: What Lies Within also returned for another year, the maze had a new route as well as some revised scenes. Despite there being three scare mazes, all carried an additional charge, whilst the scare zones remained free as per previous years.

Key Information

Dates: 17th October – 1st November

CBeebies Land, Cloud Cuckoo Land, Skyride and the Gardens shut at dusk.
Other rides shut at 9pm daily.


Scare Mazes
Single Ticket – £8.00
Double Ticket – £15.00
Combi Ticket – £20.00

Operation Lockdown – From £99pp


Thrill Attractions
Sub Species: The End Games
The Haunting of Molly Crowe
Terror of the Towers
Dark Apocalypse
Nox Infernus
Sub Species: Operation Lockdown
Extreme Mazes
Face it Alone Mazes
RIP Tour

Family Attractions
Franklyn’s Freaky Fun Zone
Halloween Characters
Patch’s Trick or Treat Party
Phil and Franklyn’s Ghoul School
Skelvin’s Spooky Storytime
Fancy Dress Competition
Alton Ancestors
Gloomy Wood ALIVE
Trick or Treat Rooms

Sub Species: The End Games saw the Resort take on one of the most ambitious live action horror mazes in event history, with it featuring multiple routes and two different endings. Guests descended deep underground to a post-apocalyptic sewer system, where their group would become contestants in The End Games, with the sewer-dwellers betting on their survival as they chose their own route in an attempt to avoid the creatures that chased after them. Unlike the Resort’s past mazes, the creatures could touch guests and would work to separate individual guests from their group. The maze received overwhelmingly positive feedback and went on to claim victory as the UK’s best Halloween attraction at the 2016 ScareCON SCAR Awards.

Also new for 2015 was The Haunting of Molly Crowe which threw guests back in time to the exorcism of a cursed Victorian Manor House. It distinguished itself from the Resort’s other scare mazes with the fact that all guests were required to wear a hood, heightening their senses and protecting their eyes from the beaks of the crows which Molly controlled. The maze utilised sound and a range of other effects to take guests on a journey through Molly’s life, culminating in an impressive, live-action finale where guests encountered Molly’s spirit. The exorcism was seemingly successful as the maze did not return in 2016.

For the 13th consecutive year, guests were invited to follow in the footsteps of two urban explorers and venture into the Towers to discover what lies within. To allow for three mazes to be housed within the ruins, 2015 saw a new route for this maze which also meant that there were a number of revised scenes. However, this did little to exile the vampires rumoured to be living amongst the rubble…

The Resort reformed its scare zone format in 2015, with them now occupying areas of the theme park itself rather than a dedicated route. Dark Apocalypse saw a deadly virus spread across Forbidden Valley where the infected showed signs of highly aggressive behaviour and rapid physical decomposition. Phalanx control quarantined the area, however a recent security breach questioned their ability to contain the virus and keep society safe.

In Dark Forest the Underworld rose once again for Nox Infernus. The Night of Fire. Guests could either join ‘The Cult’ or submit to the end of this world as we knew it as they navigated their way amongst the spirits of young females already besieged by the area’s mysterious forces, whilst wraiths and cult leaders worked to claim their soul. Following the event the powers of the Dark Forest appeared to settle once again, with the scare zone not returning in 2016.

The Freaky Four returned with Franklyn’s Freaky Fun Zone, although this year it was located on the Front Lawns. Skelvin needed younger guests’ help to choose his Halloween costume in Skelvin’s Spooky Storytime. In Phil & Franklyn’s Ghoul School, guests joined Phil in reminding Franklyn how to spook. Then everyone was invited to Patch’s Trick-Or-Treat Party for the best Halloween ever, with a show that the whole family could dance along to. Guests could also get involved in a spooktacular fancy dress competition which took place daily. As well as all this, the Alton Ancestors returned with their trademark flash-mobs on Towers Street in the morning, before moving to bring Gloomy Wood ALIVE during the afternoon and evening in a brand new experience.

In 2015, the usual overnight experience was replaced by Sub Species: Operation Lockdown, an extreme horror escape room experience which saw guests face a series of challenges to ensure the survival of themselves and the rest of humanity. Although contained within the set of Sub Species: The End Games, there were a number of rooms exclusive to the experience, along with multiple story routes that led to eight different endings.

There were also a number of other extra experiences at Scarefest 2015, including the actor-led ‘RIP Tour’ of the grizzly history of Scarefest, which offered an insight into the backstory and creation of the Resort’s terrifying mazes. In addition, guests had the opportunity to brave the Resort’s scare mazes on their own if they chose to ‘Maze it Alone’ or experience an extreme version of the mazes as was available in previous years.

Over at the Resort’s accommodation there was a variety of entertainment suitable for guests of all ages. Patch’s Pumpkin Party included dancing, competitions and crazy games that were bound to start your Scarefest stay with a bang! Ringo the Lemur and the Calypso Crew also held a variety of activities and party games in Splash Landings Hotel, and there was a Trick or Treat Treasure Hunt for Enchanted Village guests. Both hotels also saw a Magical Mayhem Magic Show every evening, with a Freaky Family Illusion Show later on in Splash Landings Hotel too. The Fabulous Scott Sisters live vocalists appeared nightly at Alton Towers Hotel whilst every night was The Night of the Witch Doctor in Splash Landings Hotel. For those who really wanted to get into the Halloween mood, Trick or Treat rooms were available to book for overnight stays with plenty of sweets and treats to discover inside.

Alton Towers Resort unveils hooded maze and extreme horror escape room for Scarefest 2015

Most terrifying Scarefest ever runs from 17th October – 1st November

Alton Towers Resort’s annual Scarefest is back for 2015 and will be scarier than ever before with two brand new spine-chilling horror mazes. For the first time ever at Alton Towers Resort, brave blindfolded terror as you enter the chilling new hooded maze – The Haunting of Molly Crowe. Molly’s house lies empty, but her tormented soul is yet departed. Travel back to Molly’s childhood in this theatrical experience that will heighten the senses as you attempt to cleanse the house of evil spirits.

Dare to experience Sub Species: The End Games where you’ll need your wits about you to race for survival from the post-apocalyptic sewer dwelling community. Choose your own path and work your way through the sewer – your decisions will seal your fate as you find yourself alone in a maze that could take you to many different endings. Also new for 2015 and set in the Sub Species maze, Operation Lockdown is our intense new horror escape exclusively for those wanting to extend their scares into the late evening! With dark confined spaces, this physical and immersive two hour escape room puts you at the heart of your very own horror movie. Strictly for over 18’s who have nerves of steel, the experience combines real life gameplay, extreme performance and hands on interaction where destiny is in your own hands.

Taking place from 17th October – 1st November the two terrifying new mazes add to the spine-tingling selection of Scarefest horror attractions and mazes. Returning for 2015 is the frightening favourite, Terror of the Towers, What Lies Within. Set inside a new route, it will once again reveal its dark and horrifying secret. Also new for this year are two startling scare zones – The Dark Apocalypse where a deadly virus has infected Forbidden Valley and Nox: Infernus in the Dark Forest, where the underworld rises again.

Gill Riley of Alton Towers Resort said; “Our two new mazes are set to make Scarefest more terrifying than ever before for our visitors. We’ll also be unveiling for the first time a horror escape game, Sub Species, for those searching for ultimate scares and with Operation Lockdown, an extreme late night version that is strictly for over 18s, Scarefest is definitely going to be bigger and better for 2015.”

For brave young visitors there’s a chance to learn how to spook with Phil’s Ghoul School then meet up with the famous freaky four for more Halloween excitement with Skelvin’s Spooky Storytime and Patch’s Trick or Treat Party. With frightening family fun and many spine-chilling attractions open until 9pm, there are lots of Halloween horrors to be enjoyed by everyone, including the chance to experience all the amazing rides and attractions in the dark.

Visit for more information and to book. Save up to 25% on tickets by booking seven days or more in advance.

Theme Park tickets are available from £37.80 for adults and £33.30 for children. Prices apply for Scare mazes. Operation Lockdown price starts from £99 per head, 2 hours extreme horror experience for over 18s only. Hotel packages are also available and start from £50 per person per night based on 4 sharing.