Alton Towers became the second Tussauds park, following Chessington World of Adventures, to join up with children’s television channel ‘Cartoon Network’ for the summer holidays. New stage sets were prepared for this brand new interactive event which replaced shows of ‘Bob the Builder’ in the Cred Street Theatre.

The show featured live hosts and the station’s popular costumed cartoon characters who taught the kids how to draw their favourite television stars with free materials and professional cartoonist techniques. It ran from 22nd July until 3rd September, along with the channel’s on-air Draw-A-Toon competition, in which children from across the country joined in and had their own drawings displayed in a virtual gallery. Alton Towers’ Marketing Director, Tracy Blythe was said to be delighted at the signing and commented that, “the summer season is dedicated to our younger visitors with the new Peugeot Driving School attraction, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Bob the Builder show.” She added, “this addition will be a fantastic support to our family product offering.”