We have created a number of mini sites over the years – in fact TowersTimes effectively began as one! Primarily they have been for some of the resort’s ‘Secret Weapons’, but we also have a dedicated Scarefest site which is updated each year with the latest information.



SW5Live documented the construction of Air, the world’s first flying rollercoaster, and is what the TowersTimes of today evolved from.


TH13TEEN Mini Site

In 2009, the construction of SW6 began. It was later revealed as being the world’s first rollercoaster to feature a vertical drop and penned a ‘psychoaster’.

The Smiler 1

The Smiler Mini Site

Alton Towers announced plans for yet another Secret Weapon, which would be both a world first and world beating. Cue the 14 inversion ride that was The Smiler!

Wicker Man Logo

Wicker Man Mini Site

In 2018, Alton Towers Resort opened another addition to their iconic Secret Weapon Canon, Wicker Man, with it promising to be a world class experience.


Scarefest Mini Site

During the Halloween season, the theme park offers a new kind of thrill with rides opening until late and the opportunity to be petrified in a horrifying scaremaze.