Alton Towers Hotel has been home to many different themed rooms since it opened in 1996, often added alongside new theme park attractions and subsequently replaced to reflect more recent additions or simply to provide a refresh.

Guests could join Charlie and Lola on an extra special sleepover when they choose to stay in this themed room. As Lola wasn’t tired and didn’t want to go to bed just yet, she made a treasure hunt to find a code and get a special treat! This room was rethemed once the CBeebies Land Hotel opened, although Charlie & Lola did not feature there.

The original Chocolate Room saw guests embark on a journey of discovery in this travel-inspired room themed around a railway cabin, complete with sound effects. As the name suggests, there was also a large stash of chocolates for guests to enjoy during their stay.

The hotel’s original Explorer and Garden rooms were rethemed into Discovery Rooms in 2003. Over time, these rooms transitioned back to be known as Explorer Rooms, receiving some modernisations and refurbishment, whilst retaining the same fundamental theme.

Mike the Knight welcomed all knights-in-training to the Kingdom of Glendragon, providing a place to rest after a day of bravery. Guests would even get a reward if they could complete his Magical Treasure Quest Challenge and show that they had what it takes to ‘Be a Knight and Do it Right’. This room was rethemed once the CBeebies Land Hotel opened, although Mike the Knight did not feature there.

This was one of the original themed suites on offer when the Alton Towers Hotel opened in 1996. It was set in a creepy world of Alien infestation and could sleep up to six people. In the end the prospect of spending a night with the alien of your nightmares proved too much for many guests and in 2004 the beast was finally tamed when the room was rethemed into the Chocolate Room.

The Oblivion Room opened alongside the ride in 1998 and slept up to six guests, until it was replaced by the Sleepover Room in 2006. The room’s lights were activated by placing your right hand on the access panel located on the wall, which was just one of the futuristic touches found throughout the suite, such as electric lighting plates! The theming even stretched to the en-suite bathroom, with the sound effect of a futuristic voice saying “Sanitation in progress!” when you flushed the toilet.

There was one double bed, bunk beds and a sofa bed. Some of the additional benefits of this themed room were a selection of Oblivion souvenirs to take home and an X-celerator Fastrack, which allowed guests one Priority access on every major ride in the theme park.

This room gave guests the opportunity to spend the night in the village of Greendale, where younger guests could enjoy all of the activities in Postman Pat’s Sorting Room. In fact, Pat left a little task to complete, with a treat for sorting the last minute parcels. This room was rethemed once the CBeebies Land Hotel opened, where Postman Pat featured in both rooms and larger suites.

This room saw guests venture deep inside the enchanted kingdom of Treetopolis, where their very own Treeling hideout awaited amongst the leaves. Guests could help Tom, Twigs and their friends use Big World Magic to find a special treat, before those Mischievous Mushas did. This room was rethemed once the CBeebies Land Hotel opened, although Tree Fu Tom did not feature there.

There have been many other themed rooms, or past iterations of themes which remain today, for which a selection of images is featured below. This includes: the original Explorer Rooms, Garden Rooms, Princess Suite, Coca Cola Fizzy Factory, Cadbury’s Chocolate Room, Nickelodeon TV Room, and Sonic the Hedgehog Room.