In its early years, Ug Land was home to the pre-historical clan that were the Ug Family. At various time during the day they would perform near the fountains and tree house at the centre of the area.

Fact File

  • Location: Ug Land
  • Opening Year: 1999
  • Closing Year: 2001

The family had a very unique form of transportation, riding around in a stone age fire engine, with a one of a kind hose.

The family were regularly seen around Ug Land for several seasons, and even after the stopped appearing in person in 2001, their legacy lived on, as they invited guests into their living room to test their skills at the Ug Land shooting gallery.

When Rita was constructed in 2004, guests were treated to a blast from the past when the Ug Fire Engine came out of storage to allow for the ride to be installed.