The Tweenies’ Playground was an covered play area for children, which replaced Barney’s Playground when the dinosaur left the park in 2003.

Fact File

  • Location: Cred Street
  • Opening Year: 2003
  • Closing Year: 2005

The playground contained three separate attractions for children of different heights:

  • Giggles and Wriggles was for children below 0.9 metres and consisted of soft play equipment in an inflatable castle.
  • The Tweenies Playground was a large, fun and exciting bouncy castle, with tunnels and compartments full of soft balls and inflatable animals, and was for children between 0.9 metres and 1.2 metres.
  • The Boing Zone was the final area and was for those above 1.2 metres but below 1.5 metres. This area contained an inflatable football and basketball attraction.

When the Tweenies left the park at the end of the 2005 season the playground was rebranded to become the Cred Street Playground.