Would guests dare to submit themselves to The Ministry of Joy by riding Submission? The name alone hinted that this double inverter would mess with their senses, and challenge their awareness of which way was up as it turned them repeatedly upside down.

Fact File

  • Location: X Sector
  • Manufacturer: Chance Morgan
  • Ride Type: Double Inverter
  • Drop Height: 16m
  • Speed: 7 rev/minute
  • Duration: 2 mins
  • Capacity per gondola: 24
  • Capacity per hour: 858
  • Cost: £2 million
  • Opening Year: 2001
  • Closing Year: 2013

Guests boarded the ride and chose where they sat, with three rows facing in one direction and another three in the other. The restraints were then brought down automatically, whilst the lap bars locked into position from in front of guests, and the lip at the side of the gondola closed off the end of rows.

When both arms were running, they would then begin to swing in the opposite direction to each other, tilting the gondola further forwards as they gained height with each swing. Guests were tilted further and further until both carriages were fully inverted at the top of their swings, leaving guests hanging for a few moments before rushing back towards the ground. Eventually the swing of the ride diminished and once the carriage was stopped the restraints released, allowing guests to disembark.

Submission first opened at the park at the beginning of the 2001 season, taking the place of Energizer which left prior to the Chance ride’s arrival.

In its last few years at the park, only one of the arms had been running, despite it being thought that the other would be repaired ahead of The Smiler opening in 2013.

This reduced throughput meant that the 2013 season would be Submission’s last with it removed from the park prior to the start of the 2014 season.