Guests could protect themselves from the roving dinos of Ug Land by arming themselves with water balloons from the Soakasaurus. Of course, if there didn’t seem to be any T-Rex about perhaps guests may have wanted to aim them at their friends or family instead…

Fact File

  • Location: Ug Land
  • Manufacturer: WaterWars
  • Attraction Type: Mega Model
  • Opening Year: 1999
  • Closing Year: 2009

Soakasaurus was added to the park in 1999, as one of the new attractions in Ug Land, Alton Towers’ new prehistoric themed area.

For guests who fancied a high-paced water fight, Soakasaurus was a fully fledged aqua battle arena, where the park supplied guests with water balloons and catapults so they could set about thoroughly soaking friends and family! An extra charge applied for competitors at the Soakasaurus.

It was the longest serving attraction in Ug Land, outstaying all of the area’s original line-up. It remained open for the whole length of time Ug Land was a part of the park, but it was removed during the area’s refurbishment into the Dark Forest for the 2010 season, being replaced by Creepers Challenge.