The Sea Lions first arrived at the park in the late 1960s taking up residence in a custom made pool near the main lake. Their playful antics made them an ever popular attraction with guests, especially at feeding time.

Fact File

  • Location: Ingestre Centre / Aqualand / Towers Street
  • Opening Year: 1967
  • Closing Year: 1990

When their pool was first built it was out on its own near the original grass car parks but over the years the area around the pool gradually became more built up, eventually forming part of Towers Street.

The Sea Lions’ last season in the park was 1990 and after their departure their pool was converted into a games arena for model boats. The pool was eventually filled in for the 1994 season, though even today, when the weather is very dry, its outline can be seen on the lawns at the foot of Towers Street.