One of the earliest shows at Alton Towers was the Parrot Show which opened in the Ingestre Centre in 1980.

Fact File

  • Location: Ingestre Centre / Aqualand / Kiddies Kingdom
  • Opening Year: 1980
  • Closing Year: 1988

Each 15 minute show saw live parrots performing various tricks such as riding bicycles and being able to count.

In 1983, the parrots were moved to the other side of the lake, to the area which would eventually become Adventure Land in order to make way for Circus Hassani. With this move the show was also renamed, becoming the Enchanted Parrots.

The show continued on this site for several years and in 1988 became the Pirate Parrot Show. This would be the final year of the Parrot Show at Alton Towers as the following season they were replaced by Grimble’s Clown-A-Round, which itself was replaced in 1990 by the Corporate Hospitality Suite which still occupies the site today.