Based around the television kids channel, Nickelodeon, this was to be the signature attraction of the new Cred Street. Visitors were split up into groups of 20 people and then guided around the large fun house.

Fact File

Location: Cred Street

Opening Year: 1997

Closing Year: 1998

This attraction was originally intended to open in 1996, however, due to technical problems, it never opened until spring of 1997.

In the first room a guide introduced themselves and asked everyone for a cheer, little did the crowd know that everything they were doing was being recorded ready to be played back to them later.

The different rooms housed a number of different attractions, including a shadow wall, where guests could leave their print on the wall when the lights changed, a room where guests could press and pull many things to make noises and the opportunity to throw balls into hoops.

At the end guests would sit in a small theatre and their journey around the studios was told using recorded video tape and sounds. The group would then exit through the Slurp ‘N’ Burp cafe.

Nickelodeon: Outta Control was removed after the 1998 season, most probably because of the low throughput.