At Alton Towers even the carousels are out of the ordinary as, despite its traditional looks, the Cred Street Carousel had the twist of being spread over two levels. On this double deck carousel guests not only had the choice of riding on traditional painted horses and carriages, but a menagerie of other animals or even a hot air balloon too.

Fact File

  • Location: Cred Street
  • Opening Year: 2000
  • Closing Year: 2005

The Cred Street Carousel arrived on Cred Street to replace the Crown Carousel for the 2000 season, having previously operated in Carousel Kingdom at Thorpe Park.

Despite still being relatively new to the park, during the 2004 season the carousel was ‘Standing But Not Operating’ along with the neighbouring Vintage Car Ride. The attractions did re-open the following season but after their year SBNO it was clear they were on borrowed time and both rides closed for good at the end of 2005 to be replaced by the Driving School during the summer of 2006.