The 3D Cinema first opened in 1982. Back then it was the Cine 360 which was basically a video projected across the whole of the dome, giving guests the impression that they were surrounded by the video.

Fact File

  • Location: Aqualand / Merrie England
  • Manufacturer: Vergnügungsbetriebe
  • Location: Aqualand / Merrie England
  • Film Length: 15 mins
  • Capacity per hour: 900
  • Opening Year: 1984
  • Modified: 1988
  • Closing Year: 2004
  • Removed: 2008

In the 80s and 90s the familiar dome structure of the cinema could be found at theme parks across the country due to the popularity of a range of cinema attractions. However they became soon became out of date and are now a rare sight, with the increasing popularity of 4D Cinemas, which use traditional theatre buildings.

In 1988 new technology was used to turn Cine 360 into the 3D Cinema. The cinema used standard 3D techniques that could be found in many 3D attractions; guests were given a pair of 3D glasses and then directed to the screening room where they were shown the 3D film. The film consisted of clips from lots of other films, including a few famous Universal films. Overall the film lasted for approximately 15 minutes.

The 3D Cinema’s waiting room was redesigned in 2002 and the film was replaced for the 2003 season, but it didn’t last much longer as the Cinema closed midway through 2004 due to staffing problems.