During the winter of 1988, the Big Top in Aqualand was transformed into an ice rink for the Christmas Festival, which became the venue for a number of Christmas Ice Spectaculars in the next few years.

Fact File

  • Location: Aqualand / Safeway Farm
  • Opening Year: 1988
  • Closing Year: 1991

The ice rink hosted the first Ice Spectacular which starred Henry Hound along with his new companion Henrietta, who was introduced to the park in the show.

When the festival came to a close the ice rink was removed from the big top, which became home to the Laser Adventure Show for the 1989, however the popularity of the event meant that the following winter it returned for its second outing.

The Christmas Ice Spectacular became a yearly event for several seasons, with the last one running in winter 1991, which was The Five Days of Christmas. After this the park’s winter activities became much more limited, meaning the show was no longer required.