In 1992 the Big Top and its ice rink were moved across Towers Street to take up residence in a new home next to Safeway Farm. When it opened in its new position it also boasted a new show, Captain Henry’s Gold: An Adventure on Ice. Every day guests were invited to join Captain Henry and friends perform live on ice with magical song and dance, mysterious music and pyrotechnic effects that filled the air. The show featured Henry, Henrietta and many superb skaters as the story of his adventure on the high seas was told.

Fact File

  • Location: Safeway Farm
  • Opening Year: 1992
  • Closing Year: 1993

As the show opened the tale unfolded of how The Count had stolen Captain Henry’s treasure from Konloon and taken it to his lair deep beneath the sea. The show then followed Henry’s adventure as he set about retrieve his gold to a catchy sound track of songs both from the charts as well as various musicals.

The songs in the show were Dance Yourself Dizzy (by Liquid Gold), One Night in Bangkok (from Chess), Be Back Soon (from Oliver!), Octopus’ Garden (by The Beatles), It’s A Sin (by The Pet Shop Boys) and The Best of Times is Now (from Les Cage Aux Folles).

At the end of the show Captain Henry was finally reunited with his gold. He also made up with The Count and allowed the vampire to live in the Towers with him, in the top rooms of the tallest tower.

Captain Henry’s Gold ran for just two seasons in the Big Top, since Henry Hound left Alton Towers at the end of 1993. Peter Rabbit took over the big top for his own adventures on ice.